Laura Roosevelt
Laura Roosevelt

Roosevelt specializes in abstract mixed media painting.  As an artist, she is known for her layering technique, which leads the observer deeper into the piece and into one’s subconscious.  

For Roosevelt, the combination of luminous color and the buildup of textures is reflective of the complexity of our human condition.  

Laura Roosevelt uses her heart and soul to create all her work. Texture is very important to her, as each layer means something.  She sees the world around her, including nature and architecture, and creates something abstract and beautiful. 

Roosevelt is a process oriented painter. She states, “I let the paint and materials do what they truly are supposed to do”. 

Laura balances her paintings with her sleek metal sculptures. Simple, metal shapes are created in a multitude of abstract presentations that often have her touch of beloved textures.   

Laura is a graduate of Denison University with degrees in Studio Art and Art History, Roosevelt also holds a Master’s degree from NYU. Her work can be found in private collections from coast to coast in the United States, in the Bahamas, London and St. Barths.